ADC T2000 Thermostat - Z Wave Repeater?

I just installed a Z Wave Plus light switch from GE on my first floor. I used my 2gig panel on battery to install in close proximity, but when I put my panel back in its permanent location it loses connection. Here is my setup.

First floor: new switch, Yale deadbolt, TS1
Second floor: TS1, ADC T2000 thermostat
Third floor: 2gig panel, ADC T2000 thermostat

I’ve never had any problems with the Yale deadbolt connecting to the panel. I thought the thermostats acted as Z Wave repeaters and thus the Z Wave mesh network should be strong. Is that incorrect? Thank you for your help.

If learned in on AC power, the thermostat will function as a repeater. If the thermostat was powered off of battery when learned in it will be in FLiRS mode, which is a power saving mode which does not repeat signals.

Both of the thermostats on this account report as having been learned in on battery, so neither would function as repeaters. You would need to make sure the thermostats have a C wire connected to the HVAC and are powered via 24VAC from the HVAC, then learn in the thermostats with the panel on battery nearby like you did with the light.

Also, keep in mind that once you place the panel back in its permanent location, a Network Rediscovery is required to remap signaling routes.

Thank you! This forum is always incredibly helpful.

Always happy to help out!