ADC-T2000 settings

I’m needing help with the settings on my ADC-T2000 for my heat pump. I discovered that the heat strips were coming on after 25 minutes if the temperature didn’t reach the set point. I have since adjusted the “pump staging delay” to 60 minutes (the maximum allowed on the t2000.) In doing that I also enabled the balance point and set it to 30 degrees (it was previously disabled.) However, what I have found is that now when it’s below 30 degrees rather than the heat strips running with the heat pump, the heat pump does not come on at all and it only utilizes the strips.

What I’m wanting to accomplish is that when using heat that the heat pump runs as long as possible without using the strips under normal circumstances (i’m in the south.) But, when it’s below a certain temperature that the strips AND the heat pump activate. Is there a simple way of accomplishing this that I am overlooking?

When enabling the Balance Point the system uses the Heat Pump at or above the chosen temperature. Anything below that, the Heat Pump will turn off and Aux Heat will be used instead.

Digging through Settings, it does not appear to be possible to run both the Heat Pump and the Aux Heat at the same time in that manner. If I find anything to the contrary, I will follow up.

In that case is the best thing just to use the staging delay to turn on the auxiliary strips after a certain amount of time that the heat pump is running? In that mode the heat pump and auxiliary strips are running.

I just wish there was a way of doing this only below a certain temperature. Not allowing this, means I cannot turn the temperature down during the day without the unit running longer when I get home in the evening and therefore causing the heat strips to run.

Correct, both HP and Aux should run simultaneously and the Staging Delay can be used to adjust the time. There is just no setting to run both HP and Aux only if outside temp is at or below X.