ADC-T2000 Malfunction

I have been having issues with one of my ADC-T2000 Thermostats (I have two installed). Periodically I get the triangle/explanation point on my panel saying I need to test the network. When I do this it seems to correct itself and all is good.

Today I just received a message saying that the same thermostat malfunctioned. About 30 minutes later I got a message saying that it has been restored.

Any help is appreciated.

Typically that is going to indicate Zwave signal issues. The check network button will highlight when the panel has trouble reaching a device. That thermostat may have borderline low signal strength. How far away is it from the control panel?

Maybe 40’ from the panel. I have an energy management device in the basement much further away that seems to have no issues connecting to the panel so far.

Can you verify the thermostat has AC connected via the “C” terminal?

Not all devices are equal in terms of signalling. Door locks, for example, are notoriously bad at communicating over distances of 25+ feet. You typically will need a repeater or two for best performance unless within 25 feet.

Also, you absolutely have to learn in door locks and thermostats within 5-10 feet of the panel or you will likely run into problems. I recommend learning them in with the panel within just a few feet and leave it there a little longer after the panel registers the device type. On the other hand, light modules can sometimes be learned in 25 feet away or more. It is not recommended to do so, but the data being passed is minimal by comparison.

Construction of the home can also play a role. All in all it is always a good idea to have a repeater or two for devices more than 25 feet from the panel. (Light switches, plug in lamp modules, dedicated repeaters, and most thermostats learned in on AC will act as repeaters.)

Sorry for the delay…

Yes I actually have two thermostats in my house and they are both connected to AC, but I think through the “R” terminal. Is this incorrect?

Can I order Repeaters from you guys if this is necessary?

Yes, to clarify the C will be the common terminal and complete the circuit for AC power, but yes, R will read as the Hot terminal.

Repeaters for Zwave can be found here.

Light switches/appliance modules also act as repeaters.