ADC T2000 issues

I have 2 ADC T2000 thermostats. At random times, the thermostats will change the temperature to 78 degrees or just change the temp to what it was already set to. I’ve disabled the schedules as a troubleshooting step and this is still occurring (I’ve also enabled temperature change notifications so I’m aware of when the temp changes on it’s own). This seems to have occurred after I upgraded from the Qolsys IQ Panel to the IQ Panel 2. Not sure if that’s related or not but I never had this occur with the original IQ Panel. Any suggestions for how to resolve this?

A couple things just to make sure everything is clear and weed out any easy issues:

  1. If you set the mode to Auto, both heat and cool temp set points will be reported at the same time. If one is 78, you will get a notification of a “Change to 78” when the other is updated. This does not mean a command actually was sent. Whenever you see “… Thermostat Target Temp Changed to …” in your Activity history in, that is indicative of a manual temp change or a status poll from the panel. Based on history and your description, I think this might be at least part of the confusion.

  2. You’ve got a couple ways it looks like Tstats might hit 78. One, your Away temp is set to 78 for Cool Mode. Two, your sensor left open override would adjust temps by 2 degrees, so if cool is at 76, it would go to 78.

  3. A schedule can only change the set point at the configured times. So, for example, your schedules have two settings per day, which means the schedule would only ever affect the set point twice during the day, and only at the two times it is set to change.

Thanks for the explanation. I think #1 above explains most of what I’m seeing. I will continue to monitor it and will report if I see something unusual.