ADC-T2000 and Humidity

I understand that the ADC-T2000 has the capability to read humidity levels, however I don’t see that reading online and there’s also no ability to activate the “Smart Humidity” feature. How do I activate the humidity functions? For clarity, I don’t have a separate humidifier/dehumidifier, but I’m hoping to be able to see the measurements and take advantage of the Smart Humidity feature.

Thank you.

To be compatible with Smart Humidity you would need a T2000 with firmware version 1.50+. It is possible the thermostat is too old to support it.

To find the firmware, put the thermostat into OFF mode. Press and hold the Up arrow. The Tstat will show a version number. Press the Up arrow again to show a version showing the heat and cool icons. What is that number?

It’s showing 1.20. Is there any way to update the firmware?

At one point years ago they put some development toward a firmware update for them but i think there was a high incidence of failure and bricked devices due to wide variation in Z-wave network stability from system to system.

Updates are not possible at this time.

Scrolling through some past forum posts, it looks like the 1.20 firmware should be able to at least display the humidity values (even if smart control doesn’t work). I see the option for “humidity display” in the app settings, but don’t actually see the humidity read out. Am I doing something wrong?

When were those thermostats connected to the panel? Did they previously show humidity in the app or is this a new setup?

Are those thermostats connected to a C-Wire?

If you remove and re-add one to the panel while it is powered via AC, is there a difference ?

Thermostats were connected a while ago. I can try to re add.

They are battery powered and not by c wire or AC. Does that kill the idea?

I don’t think so. I did notice they are reporting as having been learned in on battery. It puts them in a power save mode, but I don’t think that is supposed to limit humidity reporting. Just threw it out as a test.