ADC T-3000 Tstat Issues

I recently changed out two CT 100 tstats with new ADC T3000s. Basically, they are working fine, except one is showing the humidity and one is not. There is no dehumidifier in either system. I have gone through all the settings and cannot find anything amiss.

I also am not sure how to remove the old tstat from the ADC system. One simply disappeared soon after I replaced it and removed its batteries. The other still shows up in ADC, but is showing malfunction.

Thanks for all replies.


Oddly enough, now the humidity is showing up for both on the app, but only one shows it on the display.

Just so we can double check back-end settings, can you confirm the name of the Tstat which is not displaying the info?

One Tstat is reporting having been learned in on AC power, and the other reports being learned in on battery, which means it would be in power save mode and wouldn’t act as a repeater. This may also have an effect on display.

Sure, Jason. “Front Thermostat” seems to be working fine. “Rear Thermostat” is not displaying the humidity and, I noticed this morning, does not seem to wake by motion sensor like “Front Thermostat”. The third one, named simply “Rear”, has been removed, but is still showing malfunction.

I would think the forced power saving mode would make the difference. The C wire is connected on both. Is there a way to learn it in again, or is this more likely a wiring/upstream issue?

I’ve sent a command to delete the one labeled “Rear” showing as a CT100 in malfunction. This will only work if the device is powered off and cannot communicate with the network.

The one labeled “Rear Thermostat” is indeed the one showing as having been learned in on battery power. In order for it to not function in power save mode it would need to be deleted and re-added to the panel while powered via AC (using the C-wire.)

If it doesn’t show having been learned in on AC again, that may suggest the C-wire is not wired properly at the HVAC.

Thanks, Jason. I apologize for an elementary question, but how do I delete it?

Not a problem! On a GC3, you would go to System Settings > Installer Toolbox > Smart Home Settings > Remove Devices then perform the pair procedure on the TStat to exclude it from the network. The GC3 will indicate that a device was removed.