ADC t-2000 display

I know if the C-wire isn’t used the ADC t-2000 will go into sleep mode, but is there a setting that we can enable to make the thermostat go into sleep mode if the C-wire IS used?

To configure the Display ON setting for the T2000

Log into the Website.
In the Thermostats card, click the details arrow.
Click Advanced Configuration.
Click User.
In Display ON, click Disabled.
Click Save.

Is there a certain firmware needed for this to be work? The only options I have in Users is Thermostat lock, Swing, Overshoot, heat set point and cool set point. Thanks.

Feature should be visible for T2000s on firmware 1.50+

To verify firmware on a ADC-T2000:

  • Put the thermostat into OFF mode.
  • Press and hold the Up button until the display changes from the temperature to a version number (e.g., 1.30, 1.50, 1.60, etc.)
  • Press the Up button again to cycle to the version number indicated with the Heat /Cool icons.
    Caution: The version indicated with the RADIO icon is not the firmware of the thermostat.