ADC-SVR Direct Access

Not sure if this has been asked before but is there any way on the Local LAN to pull the SVR videos off the device/drives or it is only through the ADC portal? Only reason I ask is I had to remove and re-add an SVR at one point and I lost all the recorded video. Would have been nice to be able to extract it off before. Also I have tried to figure out is the ‘Download’ video actually pushed it through the internet, then back down to laptop or if the download is smart enough to pull directly from the SVR to laptop but looks like a web download. I may do some packet sniffing to find out.

I thought I read that it was not accessible over the LAN. I don’t get it though, what’s the point of a local SVR that you can’t access locally.

No LAN access for SVR as far as I am aware. It is all cloud based access.