ADC Sonos Integration

Someone mentioned that ADC has Sonos integration now. Does that really mean now or upcoming?

Will that automatically be added to our account? Thanks for the details.

ADC release notes for this week state that Sonos integration is now available for users (will be available with the Surety Home or Complete service plans, formerly Gold Automation) however I am not seeing the ability to select Sonos yet in the app. Based on the instruction documents it looks like there should be an app update soon to enable this. I am verifying with ADC now just to be sure I’m not missing anything.

If you have Home or Complete and do not see the audio integration option, you can request it be enabled through secure message here. We will be releasing the ability to fine-tune all your enabled service features in the near future through your system manager.

I’ve verified Audio Device access should be enabled on your account though.

I have iOS, I hit the hamburger menu in the upper left of the ADC app, and now there is a section called “Audio”.
After going to that, you can select Legrand or Sonos. Then you can move forward in the process.
I’m not home now, but will try when I’m on the network when I am and post back.
I missed seeing that option earlier. Thanks.

Yes that would show up once Audio Integration has been enabled on your account. The Legrand and Sonos options should be tied to that. Currently, Sonos devices are enabled through the mobile app.

To follow up with this, it appears an mobile app update should be rolling out in a few days for Android. Users looking to integrate Sonos that use Android will need to wait a bit it looks like.

Logged in and connected to Sonos. Works great. Thanks!