ADC-SG130 Wireless Gateway

Is there a way to extend the range of the wireless gateway - similar to mesh? The gateway appears to be having trouble with reliable communications at parts of the house. Video drops after 10-15 seconds and is slow to connect.

When I read the instructions it appears to me that it needs access to a wired connection to establish the gateway. If that’s the case I only have one access point and it is currently configured that way.

I have a mesh network operating in the house too.

No, the ADC-SG130 is a plug and play video access point designed for up to 4 video devices and does not act as a wifi booster/wifi extender. It is wired to the router for internet connectivity and is its own unique LAN access point.

It is purpose built, and the wireless signal range is great for a Wi-Fi access point with an internal antenna. But it doesn’t have the reach of a higher end access point with multiple external antennas. You’ll get the best range if you place the Smart Gateway on a flat surface in a centrally located, unobstructed location. In a large house you may need multiple Smart Gateways in different locations for full coverage.

Alternatively, you could use a higher end access point with more powerful external antennas and limit it to a unique 2.4 Ghz band SSID, and it can fill the same role.

As a caveat, consumer mesh networks are not recommended for video devices or most other wifi connected devices relevant to the system like keypads and alarm panel.

Mesh routers tend to take a lot of configuration out of the hands of the user and introduce auto-optimization software that is great for keeping a phone or laptop connected for fast downloads, but frequently interrupts continuous upload from video cameras and LAN connectivity between devices.

Thank you - it makes sense.

If I run another wire to add a second gateway - do I just repair the closest cameras to the new gateway?

do I just repair the closest cameras to the new gateway?

Yes, first enroll the gateway to your account, then:

  1. On the Smart Gateway, press and hold the WPS button for approximately 1 to 3 seconds. The Wi-Fi LED will slowly flash to indicate that the device is in WPS mode.
  2. Trigger WPS on the video device.
  3. Wait 2 minutes for the video device to connect. If the connection is unsuccessful, WPS mode times out after 2 minutes.

Since the house utilizes a mesh network - do you suggest a dedicated network for the alarm system too?

Not always. If you do not have any IQ Remote secondary keypads the Mesh connection is not necessarily an issue for the control panel itself.

If you do use the IQ Remote keypads you could optionally try the access point mode of the panel to directly connect them that way as well.

In general the answer is yes it is usually ideal to have a dedicated network, it is not necessary in all cases and not overly common for just the panel. My own IQ Panel is just connected to my home wifi, though I split 2.4ghz and 5ghz networks.

If your router has the capability to support multiple VLANs (Virtual Local Area Networks), another alternative is to create a VLAN for your security devices and define the associated SSID as 2.4GHz-only. This isolates your security devices from other network clients, such as thermostats, light switches, smart plugs, TVs, printers, etc., thus reducing the threat of a hacker gaining access to your security system.