I have a friend I am trying to convince that suretyDIY is the better service provider to support his needs with his Honeywell 20p. I see were Alarm.Com has a cell communicator that is comparable with his box. Does suretyDIY support a communicator that was purchased somewhere other that the “company store”. I tryed to check a module number on the site, but even tho the label said it was ADC, it reported back not a legitimate ADC#.

You are under no obligation to purchase any of the equipment from us, including the communicator! However, in general I would suggest to never purchase a used communicator.

If it is stating it is not a valid communicator number, then that would be the wrong number from the module. On the SEM it is not the ADC number. It should be labeled the SN/IMEI number. You can just enter the last 10 digits.