ADC-S40-T Humidity Not Displaying

Hi - I added a ADC-S40-T temperature/humidity sensor to my network yesterday. It paired immediately, appeared in my device list on adc and is reading temperatures perfectly.

The humidity readout still shows —%.

My primary thermostat is a ADC-2000 and it is reporting humidity from its location correctly.

Any ideas?


It looks like this has not updated since posted, correct?

I would remove the device, factory reset, then re-enroll into the panel.

Factory reset instructions for the S40-T:

  1. Remove the battery door, tap the tamper switch three times in a row, press and hold the tamper switch for 10 seconds until the LED starts flashing. Then, release to reset to default.
  2. After the tamper switch is released, the LED will blink quickly and then turn solid for 3 seconds indicating that the device is resetting.

Thanks Jason! Before I do this, can you verify you don’t see any issues on the “backend” of my account?

The steps above are recommended. There are no other indications of an issue I can see.

Hi Jason - Thanks again.

This evening I followed the steps as advised.
-Removed the temp sensor from panel
-I did a network discovery for add’l thoroughness
-I factory reset the sensor and it behaved as expected (LED light pattern, etc)
-I paired back into my network (it’s node 31 now)
-I did another network discovery

Unfortunately, no humidity readout is being transmitted. Perhaps it takes some time to measure. Will see if I have a change tomorrow morning, although I doubt it.

Appreciate any additional thoughts or suggestions.

For what it’s worth, my actual adc-2000 thermostat reports humidity just fine.


It would be good to next update firmware on the panel to the latest to rule that out. Looks like there is one newer version for you.

Thanks. Firmware updated.

Is there a need to remove sensor, factory reset, and re-add?

If you see the same behavior for a while that would be the next thing I would try.