ADC rules RFE

So I have a request you guys could forward to ADC. In this case, adding and/or capability to the rules, and at the very least include “Alarm Armed” as part of the time of day option.

For example, I’d love to set a rule where the door is opened after X time (ie after dark) AND the alarm is armed, turn on the hallway light for 5 minutes. It’s not really worthwhile to have any door event trigger (like if we’re already home), just when alarm is armed, like getting home at night.

There are event triggered rules that you can use to turn on a light on an arm/disarm event for a specified period of time.

Look under Empower/rules/event triggered rules. Add a new rule and you’ll see those options.

Unless I’m not understanding what you’re asking…

In this case, I was thinking an event rule based on an armed state rather than the event of arm or disarm. For example, open entry door while alarm is armed and hallway lights turn on. My panel isn’t by our garage door, so it’d be cool to have the light come on when I waled in at night.

I see what you mean. It sounds like a good suggestion. We’ll be sure to pass it along. I have been hearing for a long time now about an upcoming overhaul to rules and schedules that would finally add support for scenes. Hopefully they will take suggestions and use cases like your into consideration as that’s being developed.

Yeah, hopefully they’ll bring some new toys to the game. It’s already very cool what you can do, but a few tweaks would push it over the edge. Turn on a few select lights when you get home at night (open door while armed) was the first one that I tried to do when I got a couple lamp modules to play with. I could get close now once I get around to getting the locks, just have the code on the lock disarm the alarm and you can use the existing rule. But that requires the locks first. :slight_smile: