ADC PoE Camera Junction Box

Does anyone know of a junction box that works well with the ADC camera? I am looking at getting a turret camera but there is not room in the wall for the wire connections. The wire would be coming through the back of the junction box.

It’s also unclear from the spec sheet what the dimension of the base is. For the VC836 it looks like it is 5 inches?


Yes, that would be the base diameter dimension for the product. As far as junction boxes go, there is no single specific junction box I can recommend. Any outdoor water tight box of sufficient diameter would work.

Usually it is recommended to drill or otherwise leave a hole on the bottom of the box to allow moisture to drain harmlessly if it does get inside. Seal around the top of the camera mounting plate with waterproof sealant.

A smaller junction box like a 4x4 one could be used nearby the camera rather than the camera mounted to it. The tail should come out of the bottom of the camera and up through the bottom of the box in that case.