ADC Light Programming

I’d like to set up a rule in ADC that if the alarm is armed away, a Z Wave Light will turn on around sunset and stay on for a couple of hours. The house is a second home and is usually unoccupied during the week, but the exact days are not always the same. I want to make it appear as though someone is home on nights it is armed away. Can someone guide me on setting up such a rule? The event triggered rule does not seem to be correct, because it is not triggered by setting the alarm away. Not sure if I’m being clear in my explanation. Thanks!

This question has come up before, and I would like to see it implemented. Currently, however, you cannot use Away arming as a conditional statement for Lighting Schedules. We will make another request to to add this as a feature.

Since this would require the panel to actually perform a check, not triggered by an action taken by a user or sensor, it may not be possible on all systems, which may influence availability.