ADC-IS-300-LP Image Sensor

I added a new image sensor for the higher resolution, I have it working great in daylight. But when it is not bright(dark) the whole image is white a I can see faint outlines of major objects. Is this a defective sensor? The old one that was in the spot previously took visible pictures in pitch black, this one gives a white picture

Interesting, kinda looks like the IR is overwhelming the lens. You can get this on video cameras if something is too close and prominent in the field of view, reflecting IR.

Is there any packing plastic or tape still over the IRs/lens by chance?

I check and no tape or film over lens or the flash leds.

You could try a factory reset and re-add to be sure but if that is what you see every time you test then I would look into getting a warranty replacement.

Will do. It will take some time, this is not my primary home and I am no longer there.