ADC IMAGE3 Not Pairing with GC3e

Hi There,

I have a GC3e panel, ADC IMAGE3 sensor, and the 2GIG-XCVR3-GC3 transceiver required to use the image sensor with the GC3e panel. When attempting to pair the image sensor, it will not pair successfully. I’ve got the transceiver wired to the panel according to the instructions that came with it. Red - smoke +, Black - Common (GND), Green - RX, and White - TX. When attempting to pair the IMAGE3 all it does is flash red and the pair is not successful. Is there something that needs to be enabled with my service to use the image sensor functionality on my panel?


No, Image Sensor functionality at the panel wouldn’t be affected by the service plan, and support is baked into the plan you are using in any case, so you shouldn’t see issues.

One thing that might be causing an issue, how are you trying to pair the device? Is it just via power up/inserting the batteries?

An Image Sensor is a two way communication device so it saves its parent panel info. If this Image sensor was ever attached to a panel (even a test one at the factory) it would need to be reset to defaults to be able to pair.

Hold the sensor reset button for 10 full seconds to clear the sensor before attempting to enroll the sensor in a new network

Thanks, that did it - I was also using the “Image Sensors” area of panel configuration instead of “add a wireless zone”.