ADC Heating Schedule

I have set up the ADC Empower Thermostat Schedules and set them to “HEAT” and “SCHEDULE ON” on both of the two units I have.

I have noticed it almost never sticks to the schedule. For example, this afternoon it was set to 66 degrees. The panel was at 72 degrees and still sending heat signals. I logged on to ADC and even though the schedule showed 66 degrees at that time frame, the ADC Target Temp showed 71 and current temp was 72 with the darn thing still on.

Any suggestions? Could ADC have an incorrect time zone for me? Because a couple hours later it would have been set on 71.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Then zwave rules are local on your panel is my understanding. May be an issue with your tstat or it may not be properly wired/installed.

Rive is correct in that the Heating Schedules are saved locally once created.

They are also one of the most demanding commands as far as data goes and there is a lot of information being sent, so if you notice something is amiss, the first troubleshooting technique should be to delete the schedule, recreate it on ADC, and re-save. This will force the fresh info down to the panel. With two thermostats, if you created both at one time you run a higher risk of missed data.

All that said, that doesn’t explain at all why the heat would still be running beyond the target temp. Does the T-stat run properly in manual auto-mode? Does it cut off the HVAC upon reaching the target temp?

Thermostat runs fine when I run it and set the temp myself. When it reaches the target temp, it shuts off.

I am going to monitor this a little close to collect more data as well :slight_smile: I am off all week so I should be able to collect more regarding the times it comes on and such.

I didn’t know how to delete schedules so I just changed them a bit and saved.

Alright - I feel I have watched it enough that here are some facts.

What ever I have my schedule set to, it will heat to 2 degrees warmer than that every time and then not turn the heat on again until it drops below the schedule temp.

This isn’t a big deal because I can just adjust my scheduled temp by 2 degrees but it is weird. I have heard of units doing that by one degree; both of my last units did that by one degree.

Just for reference, I believe this is purely built into the Qolsys IQthermostat itself and has nothing to do with ADC or the IQ Panel.

I gave incorrect information to Jason, on my previous post - I said

Thermostat runs fine when I run it and set the temp myself. When it reaches the target temp, it shuts off.

When I shut it off it turns off promptly, but after testing more when I set the thermostat to 69 degrees - it will heat to 71 and shut off. This is on both units.

Again, I will simply modify the schedules to be 2 degrees cooler than what I actually want and I should be fine :slight_smile:

That is interesting. I haven’t done extended testing with the Qolsys thermostat myself so I am interested in confirming this as a hardware trait.


I too have just installed the IQ Thermostat. Mine does the exact same thing described above: heats or cools to exactly 2 degrees above/below target set point. I dug into the settings on the thermostat and found two settings: swing and differential set point. These are both default at 2 degrees. I am surprised that it comes like this out of the box and am trying to understand it. Can you shed any light? Another question I have: should I always have the thermostat itself in “Easy Mode”, so that I can control all the scheduling from Thanks in advance.

There should be an “Overshoot” type setting. Your differential is in regard to heating stages activation, and swing refers to the degree drop/rise needed to cycle the system back on after reaching the set point.

What is likely happening is that by default the swing and overshoot are set to 2 degrees, with the aim of never having your temperature below the target heating point, or above the target cooling point.

All in all, yes, it seems off to have those as default values. If I recall correctly, typically you would see a swing of 1 degree or .5 degree. People are likely used to not having an Overshoot value at all.

I was able to go in and adjust the “swing” set point to 1 degree instead of 2. So for example, if my set point is 72 degrees, it will cool to 71 and then shut off. It will not come on again until 73 degrees. Also for future reference: anyone who is replacing an older Mercury style thermostat will find they only have 4 wires and no “common” 24v wire. The newer thermostats have 5 wires. This common wire is very necessary for a smart thermostat. Luckily for me, the blue common wire was in the wall as part of the wire bundle, it just wasn’t hooked up to the old thermostat. I also had to find it at the furnace and connect it there as well. The IQ Thermostat paired up instantly and is working fantastic. Hope this helps someone in the future.

Good info here. When I set up my ADC stat, it was set for a 0.5 degree overshoot as default and I left it there.