ADC changes to video uploads and storage limits

Looks like ADC has revamped its monthly uploads and online storage limits. Gone is the 50mb storage limit 250mb monthly upload limit, now it is a flat 1,000 uploads a month, 1,000 clips total storage limit.

Not too long ago I noticed an issue with poor quality and small size (compression) for saved video clips…(actually that issue hasnt resolved, and the saved video image quality for the V520IR and V610PT is so degraded its like I am using $10 Fisher Price toy cameras. “Live View” is great, saved clips even at highest resolution is attrocious), but I wonder now if it’s a result of the changes made by ADC to reduce file sizes…for the new storage limits that are no longer size limited or based…? has just recently changed the way they measure and limit cloud video storage from Megabytes to video clips. It used to be a very difficult thing to answer when a customer would ask how much video will record for them. This old post was my best answer.

Now we can simply say you get 1000 clips and up to 4 cameras or 5000 clips and up to 8 cameras, etc… It’s much easier to understand.

I haven’t heard of any decreases in saved video quality due to this change. Have you looked at Video -> Video Device Settings -> Saved Video to see if any settings were inadvertently changed with all this?

Another change worth noting is that video used to be limited to 8 cameras per location at the most but with these changes they allow up to 32 cameras per location with the highest level video plan.

So basically, everyone should optimize their “saved video settings”? (e.g., highest res, and highest image quality, longest clip duration, etc…)

For example:

I was wondering what happens when you exceed 1000 clips? The oldest ones begin to get recorded over correct? So the worst that can happen is you would only have some of your clips available for part of the month? For example: let’s say I end up with 2000 clips total during a 30 day period. So the first 1000 would only be available for roughly the first 15 days on average? Is there an additional charge for anything above 1000 clips? Thanks.


1000 clips is a monthly data processing upload limit. Created schedules will cease recording once your limit is reached. Note that this does not affect alarm-generated recordings, which are uploaded normally past 1000.

The actual storage portion (same amount of clips) indeed functions so that the oldest unprotected clips begin recycling and new clips take their place.

Basically this means that if you generate roughly 1000 clips per month, you will retain clips for roughly one month. You can then protect certain clips and keep them from being overwritten.

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