ADC Cameras - V515 compared to V523

I’m looking to add 2 cameras to my IQ4 system. These would both be internal cameras.

Looking at the Surety product website, I can see the V515 and the V523. The 523 is a bit more expensive. Do both support full video (e.g. I can watch a full video clip of an event?)
It looks like the V523 supports Ethernet? Does this use a dongle? Does it support POE?

What differentiates these 2 camera models?

My other question: Are there POE cameras I should be considering? For example, the ADC-VC726? Could I even purchase a POE camera from Surety?

Thank you!

The ADC-V523 and V515 are similar. In terms of differences, the 523 has a slightly wider angle of view, supports ethernet connectivity and setup, and is a bit larger, heavier duty build. It does not support POE. No, it does not use a dongle.

Yes, both support video playback.

You can find the cameras we sell by filtering for video in our store here. We do not sell The VC726 at this time, but you can use compatible equipment purchased from any vendor on your Surety subscription.

Thanks for the quick reply, Jason!

I’m assuming Ethernet would give more consistent video quality. Is the ethernet jack built-in to the back of the camera?

Could you use a POE splitter to simulate POE to this camera?
I would love the simplicity and cleanliness of simply running a Cat6 cable to each camera location.

Yes, it has an ethernet port on the back. As long as the splitter is 12V and at least 1 amp yes, you should be able to use a splitter.