ADC camera power requirements

Has anyone noticed that the cams 2.1mm barrel plug for power is marked “5V 2A”, yet the power supplies provided with the cams have an output of “12V 1A” rating?

Maybe I am confused on my Volts and Amps, but my understanding is that is bad to provide less amps to a device, then its supposed to have.

The barrel plug sockets on my ADC-V520IR cameras say 12V 1A which matches the stickers on my transformers. I wonder if the 5V 2A on your camera is a manufacturing error?

That’s my bad. This thread disappeared 2 months ago so I never followed up on it. The V520IR, V510, V610PT have different power requirements. I realized it soon afterwards when I compared cams.

I think the 5v 2A came off the v510…

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