ADC Back end Down?

For days now, I’ve been unable to communicate with my panel using the app, it displays a radio communication error. Can’t arm/disarm, none of my automation rules work etc. Everything I do on the panel is sluggish, presumably due to a communications loss from a non-responsive hosted application.

I’ve done the power down panel, restart router, power panel back up with no change. It’s connected to my wifi just fine, every other device in the house works including my Liftmaster gateway showing green lights etc.

I can confirm that the back end is not down. This is probably going to be a panel level software issue. The panel is not responding to any ping I am sending right now cell or broadband despite showing a wifi connection locally. System details in ADC are correct.

Curious are you able to reach the firmware update servers? The Qolsys update server is separate from the software service on the panel and may still connect.

Also I’m guessing you did, but to confirm, did you do an extended power down of at least 20 minutes?

Yes to extended power down.

Was able to download and install 2.5.5 firmware successfully.

System panel downloaded all my zones and sensors from “the cloud servers” and I’m assuming that means ADC. It also ostensibly successfully completed a WiFi dual path test after the initial setup in 2.5.5.

System still not communicating with ADC and showing offline in my app.

In addition, I see this in ADC. Nothing makes sense.

So which is it? Not responding or sending status messages to ADC while not connected?

Further, here are the test statuses after the firmware upgrade, no change in ADC status though.

ADC’s trouble condition may take a short bit to restore. The actual communication trouble condition is restored when a cell signal is received and ADC can communicate to the panel.

Panel pings just went through for me and I see your manual phone tests.

Actually just refreshed and it looks like your communication restored and the trouble alert is gone.

The restoral should have triggered a notification to your recipients for system actions notifications.

And just like that, it’s back online.

That was annoying AF. I was out of town this weekend and my gf was unable to do anything with the panel, lighting schedules not working, temperatures not adjusting based on geo-fences etc. and she said the panel was unresponsive when she was attempting to disarm manually which resulted in it almost setting off a false alarm.

I’m a director of IT, and people call me a luddite when I say I don’t trust SaaS or cloud infrastructure. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.