ADC App as Panel

I just built a new house and installed several iPad Minis on the wall in several rooms. My vision was to use the iPad app as a ancillary panel. In particular I mounted one by the front door. I just realized that the app does NOT require you to enter a code to disarm the alarm once the app is running. This would allow anyone to disarm the alarm just by clicking “Disarm” on the iPad panel! Is there anyway to force the ADC App to prompt for the code each time it disarms? if not, I wasted over $1k on iPads. Please help!

You can touch the wrench at the bottom right corner of the app and turn on “Passcode Access”. That would require you to enter a pin every time you open the app. Or you can use the iOS built-in password protection to password protect the whole tablet and use the sleep timer control how long before it goes to sleep. The ADC app isn’t designed to be a wall mounted keypad so either of these methods will have limitations.

Which main control panel are you using? 2GIG? Qolsys?