ADC and Smart Lock Experience

I’m trying to understand what the user experience is like when you integrate a Smart Lock (Kwikset, Yale, Schlage) with your system.

When someone enters a code into the smart lock (let’s say a 4-digit code), does it also disarm the alarm?

Or, does the user enter an 8-digit code? (4 digits for the lock, 4 for the alarm) ?

I could see the benefit of remote unlocking via the app. But what other benefits exist?

You can program ADC rules to disarm the alarm when you enter the unlock code. Just enter the 4 digits and it disarms your alarm without a code

Other benefits is you can be alerted when certain people or all people unlock. Or if you forget to lock. Via text or email

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Some features available when adding locks:

  • Receive email/text/push notifications when:

    1. A lock is locked
    2. A lock is unlocked
    3. A lock is unlocked by a specific user
    4. An incorrect code is entered at the lock multiple times (tamper)
  • Set up automated locking/unlocking based on system arming/disarming.

  • Set up automated arming/disarming based on locking/unlocking.

  • Trigger a video recording when locking/unlocking.