ADC - Advanced Rules

Is there anyway to get some advanced rules capability in ADC? I would like rules that have more filters and logic. Does the commercial version provide this?

There are not more advanced rules in commercial accounts. Rule creation and automation execution is almost uniformly controlled by the local compatible panel. It is likely as newer panels are released and additional capabilities added to hardware, that more advanced automation becomes available.

It is often helpful if you have suggestions for specific use cases which can be forwarded to as suggested implementations. Is there a specific case you had in mind?

I have a use case… I am desperately trying to figure out a solution to put a keypad by the driveway gate. I want the keypad to use the same codes the locks use in the house. I figured out a solution by putting a schlage deadbolt mounted in a box at the end of the driveway. However ADC does not allow a rule for:

“When door unlocked, open garage.”

Do you know if the new IQ 2 Panel would support this advanced rule?

The IQ Panel 2 would offer the same functionality as as it is built for ADC use.

In most cases wireless or wired keypad door operators are available for overhead garage doors which would more directly serve the purpose, I think. What model of overhead controller do you have? Codes would be not be controllable via ADC that way, but you could use the same codes.