ADC 722W issues

I can’t get my two 722w cameras to connect . The only way to get them to connect is to disable 5ghz in my router settings . I thought it was my router so purchased a new system and still have the same issue . My older camera that’s only 2.4 works fine all the time . Any suggestions ?

If you are having trouble with cams trying to connect to the 5ghz network and have already confirmed the issue is resolved by disabling that network, the best resolution would be one of two options:

  1. Change the 5ghz network SSID so that the cameras cannot switch between the networks. I presume due to the issue being described that they are currently the same.

  2. You could use a second router or access point just for the cameras, so the camera LAN has a unique SSID, and then you could leave your home wifi otherwise the same with 5 and 2.4.