I see suretycam isn’t offering the newest ADC outdoor camera?

The ADC-720W is no longer listed on ADC website, so apparently it is a discontinued cam…

Current lineup:
720 POE

Not many differences between the two. See data sheets below.

Video_V720W_DataSheet_EN.pdf (282 KB)

V721W_datasheet.pdf (238 KB)

The only difference is that the 720w appears to be a discontinued product…?

I have heard through the grapevine that the outdoor V720W has defects (“water issues”)… I wonder if that had something to do with it being discontinued by ADC.

The new 721W are a bit of a pain-- the mount is easy to break and you cant full size the picture as you could the 720W. Its def a cheaper camera. The 720w did feel solid but i have had a lot of returns with water inside the camera

I haven’t noticed a whole lot of water damage to these. Were these water issues stemming from not additionally sealing the rear network port?

Yes, the technicians did not tightening the rear ports properly or they lost the rubber gasket that helps to seal it