ADC 2GIG Image Sensor Bugs?

I’m having some issues with my Image Sensors. Does the new 1.12 firmware resolve these quirks? Can my GoControl firmware be updated remotely by SuretyCam?

On, once I added the new sensor there was a check box that was selected for automatically upload images but now I can’t find the option to turn this off. I included a screenshot of all my image sensor options. Is there an advanced feature set that needs to be enabled?

During the system test, I see when one image sensor is tripped, I also see both image sensors tripped and most of the time is speaks “Keypad One” during test. This does not happen with any other sensor in the house including the doors or glass break sensors. Is this a bug?

If you have a TS1 or other keypad, the keypad will automatically register a short time after beginning a system test. Does that image sensor always report that way, or is this something you notice once per test?

The image sensor rules have been somewhat overhauled to make it a more seamless process. You have the option, same as any other rule or schedule for lights, video, etc., to turn on and off the rule. Rules created will automatically upload. Disarm photos will be available on demand.

Again, I think these changes were implemented in an effort to make controls uniform across the website.

Over the air firmware updates are available, however they take a very long time and you must be certain your panel remains powered and untouched during the process. The over the air upgrade fee is $15.00. We strongly recommend local manual upgrades, as they are immediate and 100% in your control.

Firmware 1.12 does not affect the Image Sensors (to my knowledge).

I have not seen any overhaul of the IS rules (least not recently)

All the 900mhz devices (TS1/IS) trigger during “Test” you still need to actually activate the motion itself just like a regular PIR.

“Keypad One” simply means you never entered a custom descriptor for that keypad/TS1

Rules and Settings:

How do I change the setting to disable automatically uploading an image if the image sensor is triggered? It is not in the rules & alert settings on My previous image sensor failures killed my uploads for the month.

Also when I test the new image sensors and walk by one of them, they both get reported on the GoControl. This seems like a bug.

How long does the over the air upgrade take of the firmware?

As above, the image sensor rules no longer allow turning off automatic upload for additionally created rules. Certain rules that should be on a case by case basis like disarm photos are set up automatically by ADC to be “On Demand” rather than automatic uploads, but additionally generated rules are always automatically uploaded. This was a recent conscious change by ADC. Instead, you are able to turn the rule on or off as you would a lighting/video etc., schedule.

I don’t personally like the changes, and I have doubts as to whether they will stay that way for very long. It may be however, that ADC is still in the process of overhauling the user experience and that more features will change/be added/re-added. Given the past issues with the devices, it is likely that they are trying to simplify things and weed out errors.

Over the air updates may take as long as 12 hours.

As Rive said, the 900mhz devices (image sensors and keypad) will test connection and report automatically at the panel. Testing its PIR function is separate. Wait a couple minutes after initiating the system test then test the PIR. Does it still behave the way you describe?

Do both of your image sensors overlap or cover same particular area?

OTA firmware takes approx 1 hr + (I have never had an OTA take more than 3-4 hours)

Post image of rule.

Note that Capture during alarm event, Capture when motion detected and panel armed away rules cannot be disabled.

This means if your panel goes into Alarm, AND the IS detects motion it will upload images regardless of Arming mode (e.g., Armed Stay), it also means if panel is Armed Away, and IS detects motion it will activate/alarm and upload images

In any event, using base rules, the IS will only upload images when panel is in an alarm event, and motion is detected. All other upload rules can be disabled/turned off.

If your panel is consistently going into an alarm event, and triggering motion and image uploads, you might need to address the reason why

Also, keep in mind that all alarm event photos will be automatically uploaded regardless of current quota, so even if you have no more available uploads, alarm generated photos will not be blocked.

“Do both of your image sensors overlap or cover same particular area?”

No, the image sensors are on different floors. When the GoControl is in test and I walk by one, they both show checkmarks and the system speaks “Keypad One”. Very strange! It would by like testing the front door and the back door also getting checked off. I was able to validate that both sensors were working by waiting for them to go idle and then walking by them and seeing their status change to activated on

Those are all 900mhz devices. (TS1 and IS), and it isn’t actually testing the motion detection, just communication/signaling. If you want to test them properly, then place system on test with CS, and arm away, wait approx 4 min, then test the PIR aspect of the IS.

2GIG Walktest: