Activation and Learning in Sensors

Good Morning,

I am a new customer. My Qolsys IQ 2+ will arrive today. My family will be moving into our new house next week. My question is can I “activate” the panel and learn in my equipment today at my current house (not installing sensors and z wave devices, just learning them into panel) so that when we move next week, all my devices will already be learned in. I obviously don’t want the system to go “live” yet, just simply want to save the step of learning everything in at the new house.

Thanks in advance.

You certainly can! Be sure to test all sensors after they are installed, but you can learn them in prior to that.

The last step in getting started if you have 24/7 monitoring is to actually activate your monitoring. You can set up everything else, including your ADC account, and then activate monitoring later through your system manager.

Thanks for the quick response…So once the panel gets here today, I just go to my Surety account and fill out that form that gets sent to you guys for activation? Once activated, I can then learn everything in and once at the new house, set everything up and activate the monitoring? Do I understand this correctly?

Yep, all correct. Your system manager will walk through the process of getting your panel connected to ADC and get you logged in. You can then learn in sensors but hold off on activating monitoring until you are ready.

Z-wave devices like light switches, thermostats, door locks, etc., should typically be learned in on site though. There is limited benefit in learning them in prior and since it is a mesh network it can actually cause confusion and issues. You can pre-learn them, but I would recommend just learning in security sensors and waiting on the Z-wave.

Understood. Thanks a lot for your help!