Activating Zones with Mobile App

At one time I was told that you cant selectively turn on zones, in particular specific motion sensors, while in the STAY mode. I want to be able to activate alarm in STAY mode and be able to turn on the basement motion sensors from mobile app.

You cannot individually choose sensors to arm, no. This is not possible as it is not a function on the panel at all.

You can individually choose sensors to bypass, locally.

So, if you want a specific motion detector to function in STAY arming mode, you would need to change its programming zone type from (4) Interior Follower (which is NOT active in STAY mode) to (3) Perimeter. Note that the motion detector will then trip alarms in STAY mode as well as during delay countdowns if triggered.

If you then ever want it to not be armed during STAY, you could bypass it.

Could I bypass from mobile app?

No, you can only force bypass currently open sensors remotely. You can bypass selectively at the panel.

I didnt understand this the way it was typed, give me an example of what you said “force bypass currently open sensors remotely.”

An example would be if a window was left open, then you try to arm remotely, the panel needs to bypass that sensor before arming. This is automatically done.

It would not apply to motion detectors as they cannot be left in an open state.