Action After Disarm from Away State

I’d like to set it up so that the garage lights turn on after the panel is disarmed from an away state. Is there a rule that can make this happen?

My goal is to drive up, disarm from away, have the overhead lights in the garage turn on automatically so the garage is lit as I drive in. I have zwave switches already.

Well, you can set up a rule to turn on lights after disarming, but it cannot distinguish the state prior, so it would be on any disarm, from stay or away, and from any source, app, website, or local at the panel. You can filter this by time, but that’s not the best solution here.

For this you would be better off just making a Scene in ADC and setting it to a home page widget (or just run it from within the app) that does both things: disarms and turns on the chosen lights. Could have it unlock the door as well (with a z-wave deadbolt). Name the scene something appropriate to know what it does, such as Arriving Home.

Find this under Automation - Scenes when logged into the website