acquiring zwave device configuation?

Anyone ever encounter this issue? I suspect its a problem with the mesh network…but I dunno.

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...go control pannel displays this when I select scenes at times sometimes it will display it for hours. I cannot activate or edit scenes, add or remove wave devices from the go control but they can be activated from any of the two ts1's.

I’ve seen problems where 2GIG says “Acquiring Z-Wave devices configuration” when trying to go to the “lights” or “locks” control screens but I have not seen a situation where it worked from TS1’s and not from the main control panel. I rarely use 2GIG scenes.

Troubleshooting Z-Wave issues like that is not trivial. The best thing to do is remove all the Z-Wave devices and then add them back 1 by 1, testing thoroughly after each one and looking for the one that causes the issue. Don’t forget to do a “rediscover network” each time. If the problem persists with all of the devices individually then it’s likely a control panel problem.