Account Management for Two Systems

If I want to add a second system, in addition to my home, how is that setup on Can I see both systems under the same login? Also, can I give other individuals access to one system and not the other?

Hi Nick,

Yes you can give one of your logins access to both systems or as many systems as you’d like. It works great for those with multiple homes, businesses, relatives’ homes or a any combination of those.

Log in to your account with a web browser at using the username you will use as your main login for multiple systems. Go to Profile -> Multi-System Access and “Add a system to…” by entering your username and password for the other system this login will have access to. Then hit Submit. Repeat this for as many additional systems as you need.

Now when you log in with either a web browser or the smart phone app, a there will be a dropdown in the upper right corner that let’s you select which system you want to view. Additionally, when you log in with a web browser, the Enterprise tab shows you an event history of all of your system at once in a single report.

This only applies to the login you set up with Multi-System Access. Any other logins you created for your system via Profile -> Manage Logins will only have access to that one system unless you set them up for Multi-System Access as well.

Best Regards,