AC-powered smoke detectors with IQ Panel?

My electrician says that I’m required by code to have line-powered smoke detectors. Hence, all the smoke detectors in my house have line voltage (120V), but there are no extra wires going there or conduit through which I could pull signal wires.

Is there any good solution to hook up smoke detectors to my IQ Panel 2 alarm system? My ideal product would be a line-powered smoke detector that also acts as a 319.5MHz sensor, or failing that maybe as a Z-wave device. However, it seems like all of the “smart” smoke alarms are battery powered. I suppose some kind of small AC adapter that can fit it the battery compartment of a battery-powered smoke detector might also do the trick.

Surely I must not be the first person to run into this problem. Does anyone have products to recommend? Thanks.

You are not the first to request this :slight_smile:

You are looking for the GE Firefighter. It is an audio detector that is mounted within 6 inches of one of your interconnected line power smoke detectors. If interconnected, when one detector sounds, all do. This trips the Firefighter unit and reports as a fire signal to the panel.

This can found through various online vendors. Look for the SLX-AD-T3

Thanks! That’s a surprisingly kludgy approach, but the product will actually solve my problem.

You can also use a relay module tied into your detector network and wire that into a Zwave capable relay contact.


Less kludgy (arguable), but also a bit more labor. I’m probably opting for an audio based one and calling it good. :slight_smile: