About Vista and Sem

Hello I’m considering 1 of my locations using the vista panel and sem considering my grandmother isn’t a fan of the touchscreen but I want see if there is things I need look for when I’m looking at that system as well as far How much power the panel will hold before adding an power supply

What model of panel do they have? Could you provide a photo of the panel board?

There are some exclusions to compatibility. A photo of the board would help us confirm compatibility.

The Vista 15P/20P support a total of 600ma current draw across all devices.

The SEM draws power directly from the battery. Typically when installing a SEM, if you have an older battery in the panel you should replace the battery. A new one will ensure the SEM won’t be underpowered.

It be a whole new system but how do u do the power to figure that out

I’m not sure I fully understand the question. Let me know if the following isn’t what you’re looking for.

In general, in a standard home environment you wouldn’t run into problems with the power draw exceeding the maximum available.

Individual powered detector power draw rates will vary but they are often 10-20ma. Keypads are 30ma for a regular one, 100ma for an alpha-numeric.

A handful of motion detectors, a couple keypads, and a piezo siren shouldn’t cause any problem. Look for a piezo siren 200 ma or less if one is not included with the panel.

Wired door/window sensors do not draw power.

It would be better to just count up how many wired glass breaks and motions you would have, how many keypads you will use, and how many sirens you want to use. We could then help you add them up and get an idea if a separate power supply might be required.

I will look online get all the information together that I’m gonna use and send a list of what I’m gonna use

That will work. We can provide a more accurate answer that way!

Ok thank u very much

hey Jason here is the listings for what i would be using if i would go get a vista system

1 Honeywell Vista 20p https://www.geoarm.com/vista-20p-honeywell-alarm-control-panel.html
1 Honeywell Unlimited Reciever https://www.alarmgrid.com/products/honeywell-5881enh

1 Honeywell 6160v https://www.geoarm.com/6160v-honeywell-alpha-talking-alarm-keypad.html

1 Honeywell Indoor Siren WAVE2 - Honeywell Hardwired Alarm Siren (Indoor, 2-Tone, 106dB)

1 Honeywell Outdoor siren https://www.geoarm.com/702-honeywell-self-contained-outdoor-alarm-siren.html

3 Honeywell 5816 Wireless Door Contacts https://www.geoarm.com/honeywell-wireless-door-window-contact-5816-wmwh.html
1 Tilt sensor https://www.geoarm.com/5822t-honeywell-wireless-garage-door-tilt-sensor-transmitter.html
3 Optex Motion Detectors https://www.alarmgrid.com/products/optex-wnx-40hw
4 Honeywell Smoke Detectors https://www.geoarm.com/5806w3-honeywell-wireless-smoke-detector.html
1 Co Detector https://www.geoarm.com/honeywell-wireless-carbon-monoxide-detector-5800co.html
2 keyfobs https://www.geoarm.com/5834-4-honeywell-wireless-4-button-alarm-keyfob.html
1 medical Button https://www.geoarm.com/honeywell-wireless-1-button-personal-panic-transmitter-5802wxt.html
1 Alarm.com Sem module https://www.geoarm.com/adc-sem210-vt-at-alarm-dot-com-sem-honeywell-vista-dual-path-att-communicator.html

i would like to try use this set up without adding a power supply but i want to know because there might be a chance of having a second keypad in the mix so just let me know thanks so much for ur guys help in everything u all do u all r true security

You should be fine with that list. Looks like you are mainly going with wireless for sensors.

The 20P has 2amps for siren output, and you’re under that with the two sirens.

Adding another keypad down the line should be fine as well.

Ok sounds good