About Cameras

Hey guys So I’m thinking about adding Alarm.com Camera Outside be about 7 cameras total outside and 1 indoors question is would it be a good idea to use the smart gateway and how many cameras r allows on the gateway??I would be using an SVR

If you are using an SVR, no, I would not recommend the Gateway. The smart gateway is more of a convenience item which allows quick and easy secure network separate from your home wifi for your cameras to connect to.

The Gateway is only meant for 4 cameras at a time. It also has reported issues when paired with the SVR.

You would be better to use a separate router or if your current router supports it, create a unique 2.4Ghz network for your cameras to connect to.

Currently my WiFi router is a linksys velop with one login

That appears to be a Mesh wifi system. Typically Mesh wifi systems do not play well with a lot of static IOT devices like cameras.

If you are able to set a dedicated 2.4Ghz network with the router then it would likely be fine, however if your devices can be shifted from 2.4 to 5Ghz by the router you will likely experience recording issues.

A separate stand-alone router that is just used for your security devices would be recommended in that case.

I can make adjustments when that time comes I know that when I did the doorbell I had to use the panels WiFi access point for it work with live view