A slightly different QoLSys question

So I’m trying to run a balancing act between waiting to see if suertyCAM is going to carry the QoLSys panel (or when if the answer is yes) and getting an alarm system up and running quickly. That said, I was curious about what to check if I am able to acquire the panel elsewhere.

Is there anything specific I would need to check before purchasing to make sure that suretyDIY would be able to activate and monitor the panel? Would vendors be able to lock the cell module so that it could only work with them? Is there any way or special keywords to ask to verify that? I’m a bit wary of trying to snag one on ebay (prices alone are a turn off), but I’ve only found a few online security vendors that seem to carry it, and most of those seem a bit sketchy at best. I figured my best bet was trying to find out if I could easily switch the panel here and if there’s any key phrase to ask about the cell module.

Absolutely. We monitor for any Alarm.com compatible system. This includes 2GIG, Qolsys, Simon XT, Concord 4, etc. Right now we only sell 2GIG on our online store, since its been the most requested by DIYers. We offer equipment for convenience in addition to monitoring, and we are planning on adding Qolsys. I do not have an ETA at the moment, unfortunately for the new Qolsys panel.

If it is possible to get ahold of the cellular communication number, you can enter it here to make sure that it is not registered/locked. http://suretydiy.com/alarm-com-cellular-module-check/

Thanks, I’ll keep that piece in mind while I search. I don’t suppose you know any reputable dealers that are selling the panels at present do you? :slight_smile:

Sorry, I don’t. BUT, hopefully I will soon. :wink:

After several days of searching, gotta admit it’s pretty hard to find a QoLSys panel right now. Of the internet based security places I could find, a couple looked more like “Bob’s House O’ Security”, and the others confirmed they require the panel to be registered with their monitoring center. Then you have the ones on eBay which aren’t really priced well, and having the same trouble trying to get cellular module info on them.

I’m seriously considering looking for a super cheap Simon XT system (so the sensors would be compatible) just to get up and running, and switch out for the QoLSys panel once more people start carrying them.

On a side note, if Suretydiy just happens to need a few folks to be early testers for QoLSys, I know a guy… :slight_smile:

Not sure of your time frame, but if you’re willing to wait about a week, I may know of a reputable place to get Qolsys then…


A week or a few is definitely workable.

http://suretydiy.com/ now offers 2GIG and Qolsys systems. To search for items for a particular panel, there is a panel compatibility drop down located to the right of the screen at suretyDIY.com.

Awesome! I was just coming to check on that when I saw the QolSys panel on the home page.