A COVID-19 update from our Professional Monitoring team

Our Professional Monitoring team at AvantGuard has been working tirelessly to stay ahead of the pandemic. Information about those efforts is included below:

"As the reality of COVID-19 begins to truly affect our businesses, I want to reassure you regarding AvantGuard’s preparedness and commitment to handling all emergency alarms timely and accurately. Our measures to prevent sickness within our monitoring centers by working all administrative staff remotely, have been successful.

Last month, we recognized the reality that our staff might be at too great a risk to come to the office. Additionally, we identified the possibility our team could be required to self-quarantine. With those thoughts in mind, we prioritized finalizing a work-from-home option for our monitoring center team. The solution has been finalized and fully tested. Our team has worked tirelessly to complete this capability. Much of the groundwork had been completed in past months and years as we upgraded our technology.

Yesterday we received word from UL providing emergency direction and guidance for work-from-home monitoring center agents as a special provision to UL 827. Our systems and policies meet or exceed the standards outlined. In context of keeping our team safe from the spread of the virus and maintaining our healthy team to monitor alarms, we have now worked more than 100 monitoring shifts from outside our monitoring centers in the last 24 hours. We will continue to increase the shifts outside the monitoring centers according to the guidance of the CDC and our local health officials.

We appreciate and value the trust you place in us… I stand by my commitment to continue in providing the same quality service and unmatched response times you… have grown accustomed to. "

Please stay Home and be safe. Thank you