+60 Extendend Delay not arming the system

I came home the other day and my system wasn’t armed - my wife left after the normal time so I received the alert that it wasn’t armed yet but she was still home so that wasn’t a big deal.

She said she armed it and she had to extend the delay because she forgot something in the house. After she told me this, I still thought she didn’t arm it and was forgetful. (I will soon feel like a jerk for doubting her)

Today, we both left the house and I had to extend the alarm - we got home approx an hour later and it wasn’t armed. (Now is the part where I feel like a jerk for doubting her)

So, I thought I would try to re-create and see what the problem is. When we typically set the alarm, we leave through one regular door sensor and a tilt sensor; both occurrences has happened during the normal arming procedure.

Tonight, when I tried to recreate the issue, I immediately hit extend and after the countdown, it armed fine.

Since it is so late, I’m not going to go out and open and close the garage door to test it but after Easter weekend I plan on testing it more thoroughly.

Has any one had this issue or know what could be causing it? Thanks :slight_smile:

I have never heard of that before. So the extend countdown fails to arm if you act normally and leave the home? I have contacted Qolsys regarding it.

By chance is the garage overhead door tilt sensor programmed as a security sensor or is it a non-reporting notification sensor? I don’t know why it would, but without another possible cause I can think of, maybe if the garage door is opened and does not shut by the time the countdown has ended?

Can you test this?

There is one known issue if the exit delay is completely maxed out, and the Photo Frame start time is set to 5 minutes, then the photo kicks in before the system is armed and goes to disarmed and photo frame. This is resolved in the next release coming out 1.4.3.

Is this possibly what occurred?