6 digit user codes

I enabled 6 digit user codes on my panel but when I went to update my user codes in the app it said my z-wave locks only support 4 digit codes. I have a Schlage BE468ZP and a Schlage BE469ZP which according to this post should support up to 8 digit codes. Is there something else I need to do to enable this functionality?

The Schlage Z-wave locks support between 4 and 8 digit codes, but they all must be the same length, and the length is controlled in on-board lock programming. By default it is set to 4.

I remember Alarm.com pulled support for more than 4 digit codes on the old Schlage locks in 2019, but I am not sure if that limitation extends to current zp models.

If you set your lock to accept 6 digit codes in its programming menu, can you then use 6 digit codes?

I just updated both locks to 6 digit mode using their programming codes but it didn’t have any effect on the app. It still warns about incompatibility and if I tell it to proceed then the “Synchronizing devices” message never goes away and the codes don’t work on the lock. I can directly program 6 digit codes on the locks themselves, but that defeats the purpose of having the app to manage everything.

It sounds like this limitation is still in effect for Schlage locks due to how they employ the code limits.

I will follow up with ADC to verify.

My actual goal is to enable Control4 (which requires 6 digit codes to be enabled first) on my panel but if that’s the case then this leaves me stuck between conflicting arbitrary alarm.com restrictions.

Control4 is a local Qolsys integration, it does not go through Alarm.com, the requirements for Control4 are due to how it works with the Qolsys panel.

ADC confirmed that only 4 digit codes will work on the Schlage locks.

So my only options are:

  • stay with 4 digit codes and be unable use Control4
  • enable Control4 and be unable to use the alarm.com ecosystem to manage door codes
  • spend hundreds of dollars replacing my deadbolts and hope similar restrictions don’t exist for the other officially supported deadbolts

This is a very disappointing limitation alarm.com is imposing on hardware that they specifically advertise as supported. The app even claims it will truncate the 6 digit code to 4 digits but doesn’t.

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The restriction on user codes is unfortunate, but unique to Schlage. I am not aware of any other brand with that limitation. The panels don’t support editing of the lock programming parameters, so the user code length can’t be managed by ADC to my knowledge.

All other locks I am aware of do not require a parameter set to define how long each code will be.

We’re always happy to forward feedback to ADC