2gig Zwave Thermostat Pairing 2nd Unit

I am having a problem pairing a second thermostat into my 2gig go control panel. I successfully paired a first Honeywell TH8320zw to my panel weeks ago. Now when attempting to add a second thermostat the panel will initially see the thermostat but does not complete, hanging at the “acquiring Z wave devise status” stage.

I had a simular problem when adding my second KwickSet z wave level lock, which was resolved by removing the first level lock and the re-pairing both locks at the same time. This same approach did not work with the thermostat.

The first successfully paired thermostat is much further away from the control panel, so I don’t think distance is an issue. And I have attempted pairing at close range by bringing the panel on battery power over to the new thermostat.

I can even see and control the basic functions on Alarm.com.

Why won’t the 2 gig panel register the devise status form this second thermostat?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

What is the Make and Model of the thermostat you are trying to install?

Honeywell TH8320ZW

Have you tried running a Network Rediscovery?

Yes. A couple of times. No change.

How many Z-Wave devices do you have on the network and what is the distance between the panel and the thermostat? Also, is there anything in the house that may be interfering with the Z-Wave communication (baby monitor, cordless phone, etc.)?


I have 2 Kwickset level locks, 5 wall switches switches, 1 other Honeywell TH8320ZW thermostat. All working. The thermostat in question is about 20’ from panel. Home does not have a baby monitor or cordless phone. Working thermostat is on different floor and other end of house from panel.


Whenever I pair zwave devices I take panel off wall, disconnecting the power leads, and physically take to the panel to pairing device.

If device has been previously enrolled in another zwave network, you will not be able to add it to another network until it is removed from previous one.

Also, you may want to try a reset on current zwave device

Thanks I’ll try that.

Yeah as long as the device is compatible and not broken then the most common problem is it still thinks it’s enrolled in another network. In the 2GIG z-wave toolbox do “remove devices” and then put the thermostat in pairing mode. Then try adding it again, ideally within 6ft of the panel.