2GIG Z-wave lighting and Alarm.com

How do I add more lighting devices to be controlled through alarm.com?

If you are looking to add Z-wave lights or switches to your Go!Control Panel go to:

Panel Home Screen->Services->Z-Wave->Wrench Icon (bottom right hand corner) Enter your installer code. From this screen you can Remove and Add Z-wave devices. You will want to follow the directions included with the Z-wave device for add/remove procedures.

It is a good idea to remove the devices first, even if new, as they are sometimes paired for testing before they leave the factory.

Be sure to pair as close to the panel as you can and run a Network Rediscovery when you are done (and all devices are in their final install points)

Through Alarm.com you can name the z-wave devices. Alarm.com Home Screen ->emPower-> Device type (Ex. Lights) then use the edit pencil that appears next to the device to change its name. Note, changing the name in the panel will not change the name in Alarm.com.