2gig with Honeywell Smokes (5808W3)?

Will the Honeywell Smoke Detectors (5808W3) work on the 2Gig panel? I am rather picky about smoke detectors (I have always spent far more than many people on them) and the 2gig detectors could be a deal breaker for me, I can’t even seem to find what technology the 2gig ones use…

2GIG uses GE (2GIG-SMKt2/2GIG-SMKT3) smkt2 are photo/heat, and smkt3 are photo/heat/freeze. 5808w3 also work.

For programming install see: http://www.2gigforum.com/threads/89-2GIG-SMKT2-SMKT3-Programming-Installation

Equip code for 5808w3 is (0589)


Few other question I have …

If a smoke is triggered, and then the alarm is silenced at the panel, is that similar to the HUSH function found on other smokes so that it will remain silenced for x number of minutes allowing you to clear the smoke from my burning of bacon before it tries to go off again?

Also, does the panel specify during the alarm what detector is causing the alarm or do you have to go through menus to find it? My house has 10 smoke detectors and I would be replacing them all … Right now they actually announce location of alarm, but being able to glance at a panel to locate the culprit when it sounds would be good enough…

Finally, with the monitoring through Surety, is it safe to assume that at least some verification that I’m not burning bacon will be attempted before fire trucks are rolled - I would hate for my bad cooking to cause fire dispatch. :slight_smile:

With regard to our monitoring, standard procedure is to call a premise number or 2-way voice of residential systems prior to dispatch. If there is no land line premise number or 2-way voice, we will contact dispatch immediately.

Unfortunately, the flexibility of central station’s ability to respond is limited by strict fire code law.

The smoke detectors can be programmed with unique names in the 2Gig panel and set to chime voice. This will announce the name of the smoke detector in addition to the standard siren upon activation.

To my knowledge there is no extended hush period for the smoke detectors, but I can verify this with 2Gig engineers.

Also: burning bacon is a tragedy.

You set up the zone and descriptor for the smoke, so the panel will show that zone, and after you install the smokes you need to call central station data entry and provide that info to them.

If the smokes sets panel into alarm, you will need to disarm, and let central station know it was false, or the FD will roll.

Back to the detector technology - The 2gig has the be the ONLY smoke detector that I have ever seen marketed that I can’t find any clarification anywhere if it is photoelectric or ionization technology - I am not sure how a company could over look that not to minor detail about a smoke detector, because it really does matter. Anyone know what that thing is??

According to 2GIG, they are photoelectric.

I told you in the first reply that the 2GIG (SMKT2/SMKT3) are photo.

You can get the 2GIG documentation here: http://www.2gigforum.com/threads/5-2GIG-Installation-Programming-manuals-and-optimal-panel-settings

and here:

If on the other hand, you are looking for documentation on the Honeywell 5808 smokes you will not find it, as those are not 2GIG smoke detectors, they are just compatible smokes.

I suggest you search/contact honeywell if you are looking for 5808 specs.

Sorry, I missed you specifying Photo in the first post — As it stands the only word I have on this is from you in this post and someone else specifying that 2GIG says they are photo (source?)

Even in the links you have just posted, there is NO reference in any of that material that I can find that states the 2GIG-SMKT3 is a photo detector. I have found reference that the SMKT2 is photo, so I guess you are basing this on that? You can’t tell me it’s not odd that NONE of their material specifies what is a major design consideration for a smoke detector… The SPECS on those documents talk about all kinds of stuff but for some reason leave this part out. I don’t think my questions about this are out of line.

Thanks for your help.

Linear changed the PDF, but it is the same as the smkt2, just with added capability for freeze detection. Both are photo/heat


Thank you

Also, the detector itself if you remove it from the base should be marked as type (photo or ion) per NFPA 72.

Normally, only smoke alarms are ion detectors (the 120v interconnected kind)

(NFPA sees smoke alarms and smoke detectors as two separate types of devices)

I use smkt2, but someone with smkt3 should be able to take a pic of the markings on bottom of detector to confirm

We advise that clients program the central station number into their phones, so in the event of an alarm they 1. know when the central station is calling and 2. can call the central station if needed to report a false alarm.

Fire code limits what central stations are and are not allowed to do in response to a fire alarm being activated. As Jason said, land lines and 2 way voice will be contacted prior to dispatch, then they are required to call the emergency fire dispatch, followed by calling the other lines on the call list.

If you’ve got easy access to the central station number in your cell phone, its a lot easier to intercept the dispatch when you’ve burnt the bacon.


I’ve never had a problem adding an existing Honeywell wireless smokes to a 2GIG system but I haven’t kept track of what the Honeywell model numbers were and when we install new ones we use 2GIG smokes. Theoretically all Honeywell 5800 series wireless smoke detectors should work with 2GIG. 2GIG’s smokes are photoelectric and they’re a pretty good deal. I trust them with my own smoke monitoring but if you’re more comfortable with the 5808W3 then it should work fine with 2GIG. Let us know what you decide on.

Thanks everyone, the 2gig alarms might be the way to go… -

I can’t imagine what it must be like for an operator to try and talk to someone on 2 way voice with 10 smoke alarms blaring in the background lol — I imagine a lot of screaming…

Does only the main 2GIG panel have the voice capability, or can the other touch panels also talk?

Only the main 2GIG panel has 2way voice capability.