2GIG wired combo alarm / strobe light

I am looking for a wired combo alarm / strobe light that will work with the 2GIG control panel and that won’t exceed the current draw. Do you know of any products that will do the job?


I know of a zwave 100db siren/strobe. Why do you need wired? You can only install 1 wired siren/strobe, but you can install 240 of the zwave siren/strobes.

They run $34, and you can get them at lowes in the iris aisle. Utilitech (rebranded Everspring) . The batteries (4 x C) last for years. Installed mine 2012, and still original batteries. There is also an optional power adapter (but not included).

Video to follow…

I would second Riven’s suggestion if indoor.

For outdoor zwave siren/strobe there is the 105db Fortrezz SSA3US ( approx $64- $79)

Now there is also the wired indoor/outdoor 105db Doberman piezo with strobe, but the power draw is 180mA @12v

the reason I was thinking of going wired is because all of the z-wave combo alarm / strobe I saw have such a short power cable (5’) where as with a wired solution I can run a long wire.


Utilitech/Everspring 100db siren/strobe doesn’t use a power cable. All wireless, and battery operated

I know z-wave is wireless but the one I saw have battery backup but run on AC adapter for power.


Don’t know what you are seeing, but do you see any wires or power cables on the Everspring/Utiltech 100db siren/strobe in the video above? There are none.

Great, than that’s what I need.


For an outdoor siren/strobe, would you recommend going with ZWave or wired? It will be placed on an exterior wall of the garage, so I can run power and/or wire back to the panel.

Does anyone have experience with the Fortrezz SSA03? Is the strobe fairly bright and noticible?


It looks like the SSA03 can either be operated via ZWave or hardwired…any recommendations for one over the other?

I can only speak to the SSA2. The light isn’t what I’d call blinding but its definitely bright. The siren is loud and piercing. The SSA2 is rated at 110db@1m while the SSA3 is rated at 105db@1m

As for the Zwave functionality:

The SSA3 works with a traditional wired trigger from a security control panel or as a wireless Z-WaveTM enabled alarm device and will sound a loud siren and flash a strobe light when an alarm message or alert is received on the Z-WaveTM network. The SSA3 will also sound the siren based on a home security panel trigger (when wired to the panel). The SSA3 will wirelessly activate (or deactivate) the siren and/or the strobe light, if it is included in a Z-WaveTM network

Also, according to their documentation regarding outdoor use:

*Outdoor Use The SSA3 is not recommended for direct exposure to harsh elements such as rain, snow, and sun.

Thank you, Tyler!