2GIG Win10 Firmware Update (How to)

First, the CDM application has an “unknown” publisher, and Windows 10 cannot tell if the program properly installs…DO NOT install in compatibility mode.

Extract zip
run CDM (afterwards, you may see this screen, ignore it, and verify installation):

Plug in the USB 2GIG-UPCBL2 to PC.

Go to device manager, and find the comm port ( in this case it is 3, yours may be different):

Send shortcuts (TS1 and CP) to desktop:

Edit desktop shortcuts for COMM Port, then click “OK”:

RUN shortcut (if successful (“No Panel” screen shows) close the the CDM install error window), You are done with Setup (You will not need to run CDM application again even when new firmware is released. simply do new desktop shortcuts to the new firmware). Watch Video.

Main Panel:

Open up TS1 (remove screw at top, gently pull TS1 away), and power it down (I just unplug wall plug, and remove AAA rechargeable batteries*). Connect the 4pin to the J4 end of cable, connect the USB end to PC. Insert 4 pin into TS1 (make sure slotted side of J4 connector is in the proper orientation (towards TOP of TS1 where screw is located) or you may damage the TS1).

  • newer versions of the TS1 are not able to use backup batteries

This is very important! Secure the update cable so it does not move, else the firmware flashing will fail. Make sure 4pin is fully inserted.

Open up the desktop TS1 shortcut you created, you should see something similar to this (e.g. “No Panel”)

Power up TS1.

Hands free, and ready to flash:

edited above for TS1

Note that as of 1.14, they may have updated the setup application to properly with Win10, but I cannot verify as I merely created the shortcuts for 1.14 to desktop (after installing 1.13 setup which released around Feb, 2015 prior to Win10 release).