2gig Water Leak Detector 2GIG-FT6-345

I’m looking for a water detector for my 2gig GC3 system and came across this sensor on 2gig’s website, but no mention of it in the forums, nor is it sold on your web store.

It might be a new sensor, but do you guys have any experience/feedback on it? Is it possible to order? On paper, it looks alot easier to install, and/or move than the FT1 model.


The 2GIG-FT6-345 is a new leak/flood sensor from 2GIG, correct. There have been a handful of new 2GIG sensors released recently. We do not currently stock the device as it is new and we have not had demand for it yet, but I do like the fact it is dual sensing, potentially catching a leak as it starts.

I’ll push this up the ladder as a product request. In the meantime, you can purchase compatible equipment from any vendor and use it with your suretyDIY service.