2GIG TS1 keypad loses enrolment after power failure

I have a 2GIG GC2 panel with an auxiliary TS1 keypad. Lately, after every power failure, the TS1 loses its enrolment to the main panel and displays the “Device is not paired” screen. I have to re-pair it which works fine, but annoying to do after every power failure. I’ve had the system since 2017 and this only started happening within the last year or so.

I have the newer version of the TS1 without the internal AA battery tray. Is there another internal battery like a coin cell that needs to be replaced? I don’t recall seeing one.


If I recall correctly, there are no internal batteries on that particular model.

Make sure to update firmware to the latest version available. If the TS1 continues to cause trouble, the latest firmware supports the newer TS2 keypad.

It might be good to try a factory reset of the TS1. This is done by pressing and holding the two face buttons until the keypad screen turns off and back on again.

Thanks Jason. I’m already running the latest firmware on both the panel and the TS1. I also tried the TS1 reset which didn’t help. Good to know regarding TS2 compatibility, though if I get to that point I might just upgrade the main panel as well to a Qolsys IQ Panel 4 345 MHz version, which currently seems to be the best modern panel and I understand will support my 2GIG sensors. Some good deals on that panel on eBay.