2GIG-TS1-E not happy after firmware upgrade

After the firmware was pushed to my 2GIG panel, I installed the new cellular modem and entered the new modem ID to the website.

All seemed good until I armed the system late last night. As always, I had pressed the Mute\Silence button, then Arm Away on the main panel. The TS1-E remote then loudly announced “ARMING AWAY, EXIT NOW”. I disarmed and repeated the process, with the same result. After the second time, the remote panel screen seemed stuck on DISARMING.

I am suspecting the remote panel needs to be updated to a firmware version that matches the main panel. Is this something that can happen remotely?

It looks like the TS1 is on the correct firmware already for use with (1.16 is the latest TS1 version for the GC2)

It does sound like it is being sluggish though. It would be good to try a power cycle on both devices.

If that does not affect the behavior, reset and pair the TS1 again.

Press and hold the two face buttons of the TS1 for 20+ seconds or so and the TS1 should boot up to a screen that says Device is not paired.

Then go into panel programming and pair the TS1.

Thanks for the quick response.