2GIG Touchscreen Calibration?

Is there a way to calibrate the touchscreen? Sometimes when we touch the numbers on the keypad, it selects the one above or below.

Yes there is. Under Security -> Toolbox there is a Calibrate Screen button.

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Also, keep in mind that the touchscreen on both the TS1 and Go!Control panels is a resistive touchscreen. So, unlike devices customers are often used to like your iPhone or Kindle, the slightest touch from your finger will not direct where the screen accepts your touch command, only where a small force is applied. I recommend to all customers to use the very tip of their finger to operate the keypad. Using more of the flat of your finger (as though giving a fingerprint) seems a natural inclination for some, but will greatly increase these errant button presses by applying pressure across more of the screen.


Thanks Jason! This helped solve issues for us. Entering sensor names was a PAIN until I read your comment.

Darn smartphone and tablets, getting us used to effortless touchscreens.

Clean it with a microfiber cloth, then…calibrate.

The more precise (exact center of cross) the better. Use a pen cap tip like so…

PS… Not recommended to use your finger.

Calibrate 2GIG resistive screen: