2GIG Touch Screen Malfunction

I installed the Verizon LTE card into my 2gig panel and updated firmware and it’s touch screen no longer works. Please advice before I return products for refund.

Happy to assist!

Is the screen black or does it turn on and is just unresponsive to touch? Do the emergency face buttons light up?

To start, were any changes made to the system physically with the power on? This could include removing or installing the cell module or making any changes to wiring while the transformer and/or battery were powering the unit.

To troubleshoot, power down the panel completely (transformer first, then the battery) and wait about 1 minute. Next, remove the cellular module completely. Also check to ensure that the wiring isn’t loose or removed and that the polarity matches the transformer. Once finished, power up the panel (battery first then transformer) any change?

If the panel is now functional, you will want to power it down again completely as above and re-install the cellular module. Power the panel back up like before. Is the panel functional now with the module installed?